Half A Decade On The Hill

22 Jul

Monday we celebrated five years here on The Hill. Our anniversary in our home was marked with an air conditioner that stopped working and a broken well.

Five years. Wow. Nearly all of Logan’s life, and more than half of Cameron’s life have been lived on The Hill. It’s longest we’ve ever been in one place and every other house before this one is barely even a memory at this point.

The Hill 5 Years

Nothing is official until it’s Facebook official.

We’ve made some great memories at birthdays and Christmas and every day in-between.

We’ve spent the past five years slowly turning this house into our home.

In those five years we’ve become a part of the community which is something we’ve never really done before. We’re active at our local YMCA and we love the local businesses in our little town. We’ve really worked to make our home more than just the four wall that we live within.

We’ve learned a lot about our town and we’ve learned even more about our house. There are three constants that I’ve learned over the course of those five years here:

1) No matter how hard I try it will never all be clean at the same time. There’s too much house and too many mess makers for me to ever keep up with it all at the same time.

2) Every spring the smell of death will make its way into my bathroom, stick around for a couple weeks then disappear. We don’t know what it is but you could set your watch to it’s arrival each spring.

3) July will bring flies (inside the house). It will start as one rogue fly and by the end of the month become multiple flies buzzing around. I’m living through this one right now and it’s making me crazy. If you have any tips for getting rid of them please let me know.

I’ve also learned that there is nothing I can do about any of those things.

The Hill 5 Years

Logan’s first moments on The Hill.

Here’s to many more years of memories here on The Hill.


One Year Later

17 Jul

It’s hard to believe that a year ago today I had my ankle surgery, it feels like so long ago that I was going through the pain and frustration. It’s been a hell of a year and while my ankle still feels stiff from time to time I’d say I’m fully recovered.

ankle surgery

In the year since my surgery I’ve worked pretty hard. From the day I was cleared to start running again I dedicated myself to smart training and made a nice comeback. My first race back was the last race I ran before it all fell apart, the Philly Love Half Marathon. I trained hard (but smart) and I ran it hard scoring myself a personal record.

I didn’t stop with that one race though. I ran a virtual 10K, the Broad Street Run, a virtual 5 miler and a 5.3 mile charity race where I came in sixth place overall and was the second woman to cross the finish line.

Running isn’t the only thing I’ve been up to either, I’ve started kickboxing too. I have to say that I was really nervous about kickboxing. I was worried that I might kick the bag and ruin all the hard work the surgeon had done. I worried that one wrong step would put me right back where I was before. My ankle has held up as though there was never anything wrong with it.

When I look back at last summer and compare it to the summer we’re having now I have to smile. Last summer the kids didn’t get to do anything fun since I spent most of the summer laid up on the couch and all of the summer in the boot of shame. This summer this kids have gotten to go to camp and or vacation home in Maryland. We’ve been going out and doing things, having fun experiences. They even got a dog, but more on that later.

It was a loooooooong, hard road but I came out on the other side and now that I can sit back a year later and reflect on the experience, it was all worth it.

one year later

What you see above is all I have left to show for what I went through. Eventually I plan to put a tattoo there of a little runner girl running across what’s left of the scar.

I might even celebrate this anniversary with a nice run.

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