Perfect Portions

11 Nov

Anyone who has kids knows that there is often a lot of complaining when it comes to what’s for dinner. That’s why one of my favorite things about Five Star Home Foods is the packaging.

Mommyland Pork

They even look yummy frozen

When they package their meats, Five Star Home Foods uses the latest in vacuum sealing technology. Everything is vacuum sealed and flash frozen so when you cook it it’s tender, juicy and delicious. Before Five Star I would often buy meat in bulk, separate it into portions and freeze it. I don’t have state of the art vacuum sealing equipment in my kitchen so meals made with that meat were often dry and tasteless compared to the meals we’ve enjoyed from Five Star.

I was a little skeptical at first as to how much of a difference the packaging could make when it comes to the quality of the meals we would consume. After enjoying meal after meal of Five Star meat I am convinced that the packaging can make or break the meat when you freeze it.

Many of the options from Five Star come individually wrapped.


Don’t need two pork chops?

You want chicken breast, the kids want pork chops and the husband wants salmon? No worries. While I don’t condone making everyone a different meal sometimes you just need to get something together fast and without children complaining. For my family, we like the individual packaging mostly because some nights we’re not all home together. If I’m working or Bill is traveling we don’t need a whole lot of food and being able to cut three chicken breasts off and just cook them saves me from having leftovers. On nights when I’m at work Bill likes to enjoy some seafood, and the kids can have something else.

I really like how the individual packaging gives my family more options when it comes to dinnertime, especially when we are not all home together. I feel like less food is being wasted because we’re only making what we need instead of what’s in a package.

Don’t take my word for it though, try Five Star Home Foods out for yourself. I want you to see what I’ve seen. Click HERE and request a sample so you can see for yourself what I’m talking about.

Disclaimer: I was compensated with free food from Five Star Home Foods in exchange for this and other related posts. For every person who signs up for Five Star’s service through Mommyland I will be given $100. All the money I receive from this partnership will be donated to The Wee One Foundation to help families just like mine when they need it due to medical reasons. Of course ALL you will see here is MY opinion. 


Behind Mommyland

7 Nov

I got this idea from Steph at A Grande Life and thought it would be a fun way to let you into a little piece of my life. Here is a behind the scenes look into where My Life In Mommyland is created.

In addition to my ramblings here in Mommyland I also have a few other projects that keep me busy. Running and moderating the Wives of Turf community as well as my work as the Director of Social Media for Turf Republic has me needing a nice space to work. I need a comfortable work environment since I spend a nice chunk of my time in front of a computer.

Today I’m going to give you a little glimpse into my office. I share a workspace with my husband where we have two separate workstations. Of course I took the one closer to the window.  Our office is the heart and soul of our businesses, it’s where the magic happens day in and day out.

Mommyland office

Not a bad view from my desk.

Below is my workstation, fully furnished with IKEA desk, 27″ iMac, MacBook Air, a ton of pens, pencils, and markers in various colors, my archaic editorial calendar, dry erase board and massive amounts of Post-It notes. I park my rear-end in a comfy leather desk chair from Costco.

That big empty space on the wall is where my running medals used to be and someday I’ll hang them back up.

Mommyland workspace

My half of our workspace.

Mommyland desk

I spend a lot of time here.

Reminders of things I need to accomplish for all three of my home based jobs as well as reminders for the family are all over the place, that’s why I use so many Post-It notes. When I’m working on a sponsored campaign I always print a copy of my assignment and hang it on the wall so I can check the tasks off as I accomplish them.

Now you’ve seen where I spend many hours each day, I hope you’ve enjoyed this glimpse into Mommyland.

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