It really hit the fan

6 Jul

I’ve learned my lesson when it comes to leaving an inquisitive three year old alone for even a couple minutes. I took a few minutes to check my email this morning while the boys watched TV in the “playroom”. When I came back I noticed something all over the floor I had just vacuumed. Upon closer inspection I realized it was fish food flakes. Yes, that’s right, fish food flakes ALL OVER my living room.

I sent Cameron to his time out chair to think about what he had done while I broke out the vacuum…again. I had to move a tower fan out of the way to clean up the mess. When I went to move it back, it tilted forward and a ton of fish food came falling out of it. Now it has become clear what he did, he used the fan to spread the fish food throughout the room.
The visual of my three year old tossing fish food into the fan was just too much, I had to leave the room so I could laugh about it without him seeing. Really it’s kind of impressive that he would see and feel the fan and think, “I wonder if I can make this stuff fly?” and then try it. Maybe I have a little scientist on my hands. He was sure to apologize and say he knew what he had done was wrong because he made a mess.
With the exception of spreading fish food throughout the room he was the ideal child. He listened and even went to the park and back without a tantrum. Yay Cameron!
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