Thirsty Thursday…One for the kids

22 Oct

Hungry Witch animation

A healthy drink for the kids that can easily be turned into a Witch’s Potion for Halloween. The Purple People Eater is a yummy smoothie that even the pickiest kid is guaranteed to like.

The Purple People Eater

What you will need:
8 oz sliced strawberries
1 cup cold apple OR white grape juice
1 cup raspberry sherbert
1 cup ice cubes
6 drops purple food color (try McCormick Assorted Neon)
3 drops blue food color (again, McCormick Assorted Neon)

1) Place all ingredients in blender, cover.
2) Blend on high speed until smooth, and serve.

Serve this to your kids in a spooky Halloween glass with a spider on the side, or add some gummy body parts to make a yummy Halloween treat.

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