13 Nov

For the past few weeks Logan has been testing the effects of gravity on EVERYTHING. I really don’t think he’s a big fan of gravity since his tests usually end in him crying or screaming or just getting pissed off in general. He has learned that gravity can feed the dog and make mommy say “ouch!”. Gravity makes friends disappear, and can give you a nice bump on the head.

Each day at nap time and then again at bed time, about 15 minutes after Logan has been put down, there is the inevitable crying and complaining. Every day it’s the same thing, I walk in the room to find all his stuffed animals on the floor.  Logan is almost always standing, peeking over the side of the crib wondering why they are down there. It has gotten so bad I even contemplated putting one of those tent things over the top of the crib so his “friends” stay in.

Logan’s gravitational tests don’t stop in the bedroom. It’s always very easy to tell when he’s finished with his food. When Logan has had enough, he starts dropping his meal over the side of his tray. While this is great for the dog, it’s not so much fun for Mommy, since she has to do clean up. Lunch isn’t the only thing that goes overboard. Sippy cups make a really fun sound when they hit the wood floor in the dinning room. The cup tossing has become a game for Logan; “How many times can I toss this thing over the side before Mommy stops picking it up?!”

The absolute worst is when we go out. We’ll be walking around the mall, next thing I know I’m kicking a sippy cup down the hall. Then we have the dropping of cups when we’re out to eat. It really grosses me out to think of all the nastiness that cup is picking up when it hits the floor out in public. I’ve tried using link a do’s to attach the cups to the stroller or highchair, but he’s a master at getting them off.

Now that my little man is trying to figure out how to walk, gravity has really come in to play. He looks so surprised every time he falls on his butt. He would totally be walking if it wasn’t for that pesky gravity pulling him to the ground. The other thing Logan is having trouble with is what might be in his way when he’s on his way to the ground. Tables, chairs, toys and even his big brother have caused more than one tear to fall.

I’m really hoping this fascination with gravity ends soon, it’s wearing me out. Do your kids like to experiment with gravity? What do you do about it? Comment here or email me at and tell me about it.

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