My New Greatest Fear As A Mother

6 Nov

For almost the first three years of his life, I was always with Cameron when he was around new people. Then I enrolled him in a pre preschool class in January and he was spending an hour with other people without me around. That seemed ok since if he was talking, other adults didn’t really get ALL of what he was saying. Now, at three and a half, he’s far more vocal and you never know what he’s going to say. I find myself holding my breath whenever he starts talking to a new adult. What pearl of wisdom is he going to share? What are these people going to think of me when my kid comes out and says something like, “Mommy forgot to brush my teeth when I went to bed.”?

Over the past couple weeks, I’ve been writing down some of Cameron’s “pearls”, I hope you get a little chuckle at the things that come out of my kid’s mouth. Honestly, I don’t know where he gets some of this stuff.

Since winter is right around the corner and Cameron gets cold feet like his mommy, we got him a pair of Spriderman slippers. One day out of nowhere, he takes his slipper off, sticks his nose in it and says, “EW, it smells like foot fungus in my slippers!” That was one of those where does he come up with this stuff moments.

The great potty training adventure of 09 has been a source of countless Cameron Quotes. These quotes have had me holding my breath whenever we go out in public since you never know what he’s going to say or who he’s going to say it to. Here’s just a few potty related Cameron quotes.

  • I think another big fart is coming in my hiney.
  • The wind is blowing my pee pee away. 
  • Oh. My. Goodness. You DON’T pee at Hartefeld, you pee at home!
  • My hiney hole hurts.
  • My hiney hole is SMOKIN’!
Things like that can be said to anyone at any time, especially when someone asks him about being a big boy and using the potty. As if what he might say isn’t bad enough, for a while I had to wonder what he might do. The first few weeks of potty training he was afraid of the public bathrooms at the park, so I let him use the bushes. Well, that was until he dropped his pants in front of our house. 
Cameron has a soccer class once a week, and at the beginning of class the coach (Bill) has the kids say something different every week when they say their name. A few weeks ago, they were to say one thing they did that week. When it was Cameron’s turn, he let the class know he stole his mommy’s pumpkin and made a cat. I don’t remember the exact words, but he had me shaking my head and turning red. Just more proof that you never know what he’s going to come out with at any given moment.   
I don’t even remember what I said that led Cameron to tell me, “Well, maybe you should get new kids.” Yep, Mother of the Year right here! My fears about what Cameron might say have only been getting worse now that we’re looking at preschools for him. Is he going to say something crazy while we’re visiting? Once he’s in school for 3 hours twice a week, what is he going to say to people when I’m not around to put it in context? 
I think there used to be a show hosted by Bill Cosby about the crazy things that kids say. I live that show everyday of my life. While the fear of what he might say in public is real, he is constantly making me laugh at the things he says while we’re at home. 
Do your kids have you worried that they might spill the beans about your daily habits while at the grocery store? Do you cringe when they start talking and you’re not quite sure what they’re going to say? I want to hear about you and you’re little ones, comment here or email me at with you kid quotes.
Have a GREAT weekend. 
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