I just thankful it’s Thursday!

17 Dec

This has seemed like the longest week ever, and it’s STILL not over yet. At least I have a few things to look forward to today; it’s Schwan’s day, and I’m finally getting my Jeep back. I guess that, plus the fact that tomorrow is Friday makes today a good day.

A long story short, a couple of weeks ago I was hit by a deer. Yes, he hit me, right in the front quarter panel. While the damage didn’t look too bad all things considered, once the body shop started taking it apart they found more damage. 11 days later, they say it should be ready to pick up this afternoon. I am so happy, that the boys and I were uninjured by that careless, reckless deer.

Every other week a big yellow truck pulls up in font of my house and one of my favorite people brings me some frozen treats. For those who don’t know, Schwan’s is a home delivery service that can bring you anything you might need, from appetizers to desserts. Everything is frozen, so you’ll need to make room in the freezer. I’ve been ordering from them for over a year now and have yet to find something I didn’t like. Whenever we have a party, we’re sure to have some Schwan’s goodies on the menu.

No more delivery pizza in my house, it’s Schwan’s Pizzeria Style Pizza for us. That alone has saved us a ton of money. I love Buffalo chicken dip, but it’s such a pain to make, so I order it from Schwan’s, it’s just as good as anything I’d make. Add some shredded lettuce and chopped tomatoes and you have a dip worthy of any party. I used to buy my frozen tortellini from BJ’s, but I looked at Schwan’s and theirs is almost half the calories. It’s nice to have some extra stuff on hand in case I don’t feel like cooking or need a quick fix dinner, and Schwan’s lets me do just that.

The delivery to my door is so convenient. If I’m not home, I can order reusable freezer bags, so everything can just be left at my door. My Schwan’s man always comes around the same time, so I know how to plan out the day so I can usually be home when he gets here. It’s not like the cable guy when he can show up anytime between 8 and 5. There is a delivery charge of $1. It’s $1 whether you buy $5 worth of stuff or $500. In this economy, it’s a small price to pay to have food brought directly to my door.

I recommend Schwan’s every chance I get, I think their prices are reasonable, their employees are friendly and most importantly, their food is good. So today, I am thankful for Schwan’s.

Happy Thursday, only one day left till the weekend!!

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