So Much For My Gracious Son…

27 Dec

The holiday season is for giving thanks and being grateful for the things you have. I have tried to teach Cameron that he should be thankful for the gifts he receives and always say thank you. In the past, he’s always been excited about ALL his gifts and done the kind and polite thing when he receives them. This year, I was not so lucky.

It started a few days before Christmas while at my parent’s house. Cameron had been asking if he could have one of the presents his “Mimi” had gotten for him, and after some deal making, she agreed. Mimi, (my Mom) told Cameron he could pick something out of his stocking to open. With the utmost excitement, he skipped over to his stocking and picked a gift. He started to unwrap it with great anticipation; that is until he could see what was inside. Immediately he tossed the half opened package saying, “Socks?!? I don’t want socks, I want a toy!” I was mortified! Extremely grateful that it was my Mom and she wasn’t offended, Cameron and I had a little chat about how what he did was not nice and he was not to do it again. Oh, and I made him apologize. Much to my disappointment and embarrassment, that was not the last time he would cast off a non toy gift this Christmas.

I try so hard to teach my children manners and respect for others. Cameron has been saying please and thank you since he was able to speak. I’ve taught him that he should answer people when they talk to him when Mommy or Daddy are around. We’ve discussed how it’s important to share with others and take turns. For a while we were doing so well, Cameron was constantly impressing people with his impeccable manners. Now, we seem to be going through some kind of phase (at least that’s what I hope it is), where is manners leave a bit to be desired.

Until my well mannered little boy returns I’m trying to stay consistent with my expectations. I try and prepare him for situations where good behavior and manners are expected. I try to explain why a certain behavior is wrong and not polite when it happens. I think we’re getting a little better, but he still needs some work. I’m hoping that school will help reinforce what I’m trying to instill at home.

Here’s to the never ending adventure of raising children!

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