Back to the Mommyland grind…

4 Jan

Even though the new year started days ago, today marks the beginning of my year. Bill is back to work, and I have the kids (and house) to myself. Today was the start of my new, more organized routine; dinner is planned, the to do list is made, and I’m ready for action. Tomorrow Cameron goes back to school after what seemed like an eternity.

Last week I told you about my wet erase calendar, and since then I have filled it out and slapped it on my fridge. I’ve attached my calendar below. The green items are chores, red are extra things to do (blog, workout, craft), black are appointments and places I need to go. I’m going to add blue for the places to go to separate things even more. As I accomplish the tasks on my calendar, I check them off, which makes me feel like I’m actually getting things done. Oh, and the stuff you see on the bottom of Monday through Friday is what’s for dinner each night.

Over the weekend I hit Jo Ann Fabrics to get some more fabric to make no-sew blankets. With my Mom’s birthday coming up, so I figured it would make a nice gift for her. Don’t worry, she doesn’t read my blog, so I’m not ruining any surprise. I got some great tips on making the blanket from the ladies at Jo Ann, and as soon as I start my Mom’s I will give you the directions and pictures. I have to say, I could have spent ALL night wondering Jo Ann, but I did feel more intimidated than usual.

You also might have noticed that Mommyland is looking at little different today. I figured, new year, new look, I hope you like it. Have a productive day!

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