8 Jan

It’s now 1pm, and I have spent most of my waking hours thus far cleaning my house. Today, among other things was bathrooms, I HATE bathrooms. I’m sure you can imagine how disgusting the bathroom of a recently potty trained 3 year old boy is. Well, maybe you can’t…

My adorable little boy will not hold his little man piece to go potty. I’ve walked past his open bathroom door more than once to find him peeing while his hands are on his hips. He’s like, “Ahhh, look what I can do, no hands!” All this while trying to hit every square inch of the water in the bowl. This style of using the bathroom results in VERY poor aim. Did I mention that he doesn’t like to flush either? If I don’t remember to check every so often his bathroom starts to smell like a barn, a dirty barn with lots of smelly animals.

So there I was, like Cinderella scrubbing sinks, toilets, and floors. Oh, the sinks. Did I mention the sinks? Although he frequently needs reminding, Cameron does wash his hands when he goes potty (not like he even touches anything while he’s in there). The globs of crusted soap took me a good 10 minutes to scrub off. Let’s not forget the globs of toothpaste too.

OK, I know you’re probably thinking that I must only clean bathrooms like once a year, and I can admit I’ve only cleaned them once so far this year. But I do try to do a weekly touch up and a few times a month really go to town in there. At least now I can go in to the weekend with a fresh, clean bathroom for my son to trash.

TGIF! Have a Wonderful Weekend!

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