Mommyland is a funny place to live.

28 Jan

I’ll be the first to admit that my kids aren’t perfect. There are days when they absolutely infuriate me. What makes it all worthwhile is the flip side of that, all the times they make me smile. This morning my boys have been cracking me up since they got out of bed.

I was sitting watching GMA while Bill got Cameron ready to head out to school (lucky me right?!). Out of nowhere, Cameron came up to me and says, “It’s your special day mama, so you don’t have to do anything cause it’s your special day mama.” Much like a lot of the other gems that come out of his mouth, I have no idea where he gets stuff like that.

Bill called after he dropped Cameron off to tell me what he said to his teacher when she came to get him out of the car. When she opened the door he said, “You are NOT going to believe THIS, Logan and I got Zhu Zhu pets last night!!!” Insert an energetic 3 year old voice. I’m glad I wasn’t there, I probably would have fallen out of the car laughing.

Logan does his fair share of making me laugh too. Once Bill and Cameron left, I grabbed a big bowl of Fruity Pebbles and sat on the couch to watch Regis & Kelly while I ate. Don’t even think about judging me, you know you like Fruity Pebbles too. Logan wanted to try my breakfast so bad he climbed up on the couch to try and get some. That alone isn’t too funny, but when you realize that it’s the first time he’s ever been able to climb up, you see what a motivator Fruity Pebbles can be. After I plopped his but back on the floor (I know, mean Mommy), he stood in front of me, pointed to my bowl then pointed to his mouth. He was like, put those in here!

The silly little things my kids (and I’m sure your kids too) do have me laughing through my days. I guess it’s a fair trade for the meltdowns in the middle of Disney World.

What do your kids do that crack you up?

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