Sometimes I ask myself, "Is this really my life?"

7 Jan

*Warning: This post is somewhat graphic. Do not read if you just ate, are eating, or about to eat. OK, you have been warned!*

For the past week or so I’ve been dealing with sick children. Logan has a nasty cold (on top of teething again). Cameron had a cold that morphed into an ear infection. Add to that the burnt hand and the fact that I’ve been feeling like a cold is festering in me too.

Over the last two years or so we’ve been in a constant battle with Cameron over eating dinner. We want him to eat and he doesn’t want to. We’ve long since given up on him eating vegetables, but he is expected to eat what is made each night. Last night he didn’t want dinner (yummy cheesy pasta bake), so he went right to bed. This morning he woke up quite hungry and gobbled his breakfast (fruity Cheerios, blueberries, and milk) up faster than I could get it on the plate. In between bites I gave him his antibiotic (for the above mentioned ear infection). Within 5 minutes of giving him his medicine he started coughing uncontrollably before he puked down the front of his shirt. Of course that started the crying all while I’m holding back my own dry heaves. The crying starts more coughing until the mother load comes up. It was like looking at the contents of a vegetarian shark, everything was whole, I half expected to see a license plate or something. Five minutes after that he was fine, completely back to normal.

My best guess is that he was so hungry this morning from not eating dinner last night that he just ate way too fast. Even if that is the case, I didn’t feel right sending him off to school even though he REALLY wanted to go. Now I’m here with an over energized three year old and a snot nosed one year old. I really need those couple hours a week without Cameron to get stuff done.

I’m hoping that his experience this morning will scare him into eating dinner at night. We had a little heart to heart about why we need to eat dinner and that he needs to try new things because there’s lots of yummy food out there. Wish me luck in my efforts to get this kid to eat dinner (and veggies too). If you have any suggestions that don’t include making special meals just for him, please comment here or email me at

Have a Terrific Thursday!!

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