We Heart Nickjr.com

6 Jan

Yeah, I am most definitely not one of those mothers who doesn’t allow her children to watch TV. I think that TV has much more to offer my children than it ever offered to me. I do not believe that my sons are going to develop ADHD from the television. Stations like Playhouse Disney and Nick Jr. have some wonderfully creative programs that keep my boys (mainly Cameron) entertained, engaged, and most importantly they seems to fuel his thirst for learning. Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t plop my kids in front of the tube and let them sit for the day. In fact, there are days when we don’t have any children’s programming on our TV. In this age of technology, we now have websites that go along with the children’s stations.

As I’m sure most moms know, these websites are chuck full of fun games and activities for our youngsters. We are really into NickJr.com here. There’s not just games, but art projects, videos and even Nick Radio where he can listen to songs from his favorite Nick Jr. shows. For Mommy, there’s recipes, advice and ideas for things to do with the kids when we’re stuck at home.

We let Cameron claim our old eMac as his own, so he has his own little place to be a little man. It’s also nice not to have to worry that he will do irreversible damage to my MacBook. It makes him feel so grown up and independent to say it’s “his” computer.

Happy Hump Day!

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