I Heart My Washing Machine, but…

18 Feb

I’m the mother of 2 little boys and I have a husband who runs golf courses (for those who don’t know, it can be a very dirty job). I do A LOT of laundry, and I’m not talking gently worn, relatively clean laundry. I’m talking dirty, disgusting, sometimes smelly laundry. The kind of laundry that I used to have to wash more than once to get it clean.

Three years ago we invested in a brand new washer and dryer to replace the crap that was here. We cruised on over to Sears and picked out a higher end front loading HE (High Efficiency) washer with the matching dryer. The washer has never given us one problem and the dryer only had one minor issue. The month after we got them our water bill went down by half, can’t beat that. Over all, the past 3 years have been worry free when it comes to laundry care.

From the carrot puke incident of 06 to sick animals and people, I have not come across a stain this washer couldn’t remove.

But 3 years later I want more…

I keep seeing the commercials for the new, pretty red Kenmore Elite washer and dryer. These things have about a million different settings for every laundry need. I think one of the best parts is the steam refresh setting on the dryer. Clothes in my house tend to be wrinkled. I’m a busy mom, I don’t always get the clothes out of the dryer as soon as they’re done, and even when I do they tend to sit in a ball in the laundry basket. With the steam refresh we’ll never leave the house wrinkled again.

I want to not have to sit on the floor to load and unload my washer and dryer. I want a pretty red color to make doing laundry a little more enjoyable (blue would be nice too). I want all the advances in laundry technology so my family can have the cleanest, freshest clothes possible, with the least amount of work from mom possible.

I guess for now I will just have to want, since a new washer and dryer aren’t really in the cards for us right now. I have entered a Stride Rite sweepstakes to try and win the Whirlpool version of my coveted washer and dryer. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

If you’re in the market to replace your old washer and dryer, go front loading, and go HE, you won’t regret it.

If you are (or know) an executive at an appliance company, I would be more than happy to test and blog about the above mentioned washer and dryer (or comparable model). I’m shameless, I know!

Happy Laundry Day! Everyday is laundry day in my house.

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