I’m on the Crazy Train

25 Feb

I’m on the Crazy Train and Cameron is driving.

It is yet another snow day here in southeastern PA, and the boys are extra naughty for the occasion. I also want to state for the record that there is no reason for the kids not to be in school today. Although it is snowing, the roads are merely wet.

Cameron was off from the second he got out of bed this morning, a little too much extra energy. It would also appear that his ears have been turned off for the day. Maybe it’s just opposite day and I didn’t get the memo, since he seems to be doing the exact opposite of everything he should be doing.

I have a little corner of the TV room where I keep my exercise stuff (balance ball, step, resistance bands). The boys usually stay away from it since they know they’re not to be touching it. Today they thought it would be fun to chase each other around with resistance bands. That wasn’t so bad until Cameron decided to start swinging his around. Let’s just say I almost needed to have the glass in my china cabinet and back door replaced.

Of course my Schwan’s man comes to the door while I’m yelling at Cameron for not listening. I’m sure he could hear me from 50 yards off, then I answer the door wide eyed and frazzled. It’s official, he now thinks I’m nuts.

Even Logan is being naughty today. My normally well behaved little 1 year old is into EVERYTHING today. I ran up to get a load of laundry going only to come back to him standing on my aerobics step with a can of Coke Zero in his hands. (Not to worry, it was empty)

Mother of the Year right here!

I can’t seem to stay mad for long though. As I type this, Logan is playing Peek A Boo behind my laptop. I’m not quite sure, but I think he was just trying to eat the apple off the front. When I see those hazel eyes and eight tiny teeth smiling at me, all is forgiven.

Thank goodness it’s almost lunch time. Lunch time means it’s almost nap time. Nap time means, me time…AAAHHHHHHHH!!!

Do your kids take you for a ride on the crazy train when they have a snow day? Tell me about it.


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