Mommyland needs some advice

17 Feb

I’ve spent the past 24 or so hours grappling with a blogger dilemma. I would appreciate any thoughts or advice you might be able to give me either here or at

I was thumbing through this Month’s ALL YOU magazine and I came across and article about finding a new career in this economy. One of the three people featured in the article was a mommy blogger who started doing paid blogs. This got the wheels turning in my little head. I like to write, I’m pretty good at it (at least I think I am), I’m sure I could make some money blogging too. I mean the woman in the article made $36,000 a year by blogging. Not bad for some very part time work.

I looked into it, and went to the website in the article and applied for a paid blogging job. I told my Dad about my interest and by chance he came across a guy who was looking for mommy bloggers to blog for his company. So now I’m here with potentially two jobs and the wheels really started to turn. Do I want to do this? Will I be selling out if I start doing paid blogs?

As most of you already know, we’re a single income family with two little men. We live comfortably and own our home. Do I NEED to start working? Probably not. We have grown out of our home and would like to upgrade in the near future, so maybe if I brought in a little extra income it could get us out of this house a little faster.

I just don’t know what to do, do I start doing some paid blogs and risk turning some of you off? Who knows, maybe you would like the new stuff I’d have to blog about, but I’m not sure I want to risk it.

I received an email back from the one place I applied to and they are interested in having me do some blogging for them. So now I have to come to some kind of conclusion with what I plan to do.

Will you love me less if I do a paid blog here and there?

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