Tasty Tuesday needs your help.

2 Mar

Instead of giving you a yummy recipe today, I am asking you for some recipe help. In my constant need to prove myself as a mother I am on a hunt for an extra special recipe. This request goes out to all my baking buddies out there.

I have agreed to provide the special snack for Cameron’s class Easter party. They don’t allow cupcakes because of the mess factor, so I was thinking cookies. I came across some adorable Easter themed cookie cutters (see below), and want to use them to make and decorate some yummy cookies.

I need a recipe that yields about 20 cookies (or more). Please make it something easy since I have the worlds smallest kitchen and lack advanced baking skills. I have a bit of time before the party (March 25th), but I want to do a practice run ahead of time.

Do you have a good recipe for me? Please email it to MyLifeInMommyland@me.com. If I choose your recipe, you’ll see how it turned out in a future Tasty Tuesday and I will share your recipe with everyone else.

Thank you all for your help!

Happy baking!

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