This should be interesting.

6 Mar

I was aimlessly wandering Target the other day while Cameron was at school. I think I must have gone up and down each aisle at least once trying to kill time before pick up. All the new spring and summer outdoor play stuff was out and that’s when I had my big idea.

I am going to get Cameron a live butterfly habitat. I must have bumped my head since my house and live things don’t mesh well. I picked up the box and turned it over, reading everything it had to say. All I had to do is go home and send away for our LIVE caterpillars, and in this internet age, all I had to do was get online. So I did just that, I got online and ordered my (well Cameron’s) little caterpillars and was told they’d be arriving within a week via USPS marked “Live Insects”.

Here I am paying an exterminator to come to my house every few months to get rid of any live insects and now I am mail ordering them.

Yesterday was the big day, or little caterpillars arrived. They were a little smaller than I thought they would be, but I guess that’s going to change.

There they are, our 5 little caterpillars, who will someday become beautiful Painted Lady butterflies (we hope). They’re going to live in that cup until they become Chrysalides, then they will move into their really cool looking butterfly habitat. With any luck by the time all this happens we’ll be able to set them free and my parent’s house where they have a butterfly bush and a special butterfly house to live in.

If we can manage to have real live butterflies when all is said and done, perhaps we’ll so ladybugs next.

Stay tuned each week for an update on our little experiment with LIVE insects in the house. Have you ever tried one of these mail order bug things? Maybe some ants? How did it work out for you?

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