I do NOT heart the park!

15 Apr

In my years since moving to Mommyland, I have become cripplingly shy. You would think that having kids would make me more outgoing with all the other parents I’m bound to come in contact with. Nope.

When Cameron started going to an intro to preschool class, it took me months before I could manage more than a little smile and quiet “Hi” to the other mothers. It hasn’t gotten easier now that I don’t even have to see anyone but his teacher when I drop him off at school.

So my shyness is part of why I absolutely HATE going to the park. I don’t like being around those other kids and their parents. Half the time the other mothers I come across at the park seem kind of bitchy anyway.

While the park is probably lots of fun for the kids, it’s not so much for me. Cameron and Logan are (almost to the day) two and a half years apart. That puts them playing in two very different ways. If I have to go by myself with them, it is inevitable that one of the boys is not having fun.

Cameron is like an animal who has been released from his cage when he gets to the park, he has the attention span of a flea. First it’s the jungle gym, then to the swings on the opposite side of the park, then back to the other side for the slide, it’s maddening.

Logan, poor Logan usually gets stuck in the stroller watching everyone else play. Maybe I’m just inept as a mother, but I can’t let Logan run around while Cameron is playing. I can’t keep an eye on both of them and chase them around at the same time.

Moving on to the sandbox. That’s just disgusting. It’s a giant litter box for any wild animal in the area…GROSS! When I see the kids playing in that thing, covering themselves in sand, I get totally disgusted. God only knows what’s buried in that sand. Cameron sees the other kids playing in the sand, and he wants to play too.

Now that the weather is nice and the kids are eager to get out for some fresh air, I’m feeling the pressure to go to the park. These are the times when I wish we didn’t live in a townhouse so we could have our own little playground right in our backyard.

Any other shy mamas out there? Maybe we can start a support group or something.


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