11 May

I’ve decided that I need to take a break from the wonderful world of blogging. I promise I won’t be gone for long, just a week or two. I’ve been struggling to get my blog out each day now that I have the added responsibility of getting my house ready for sale.

When I am finished getting my house together and finally have the time to produce posts worthy of your time, I will be back. I’m sure to have so great stuff to write about as I take my place on the real estate roller coaster.

I plan to still do some tweeting though, so follow @bouncermb or stop by here to follow my tweets on the right of this page.

Do you have any real estate horror stories? Or do you have a story about all your real estate needs just falling right into place? Share here, or email me at MyLifeInMommyland@me.com.

I’ll see you all soon…promise!

Wish us luck!!!

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