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13 Sep

Today was Cameron’s first day of school. One more year of preschool, then it’s off to kindergarten (full day). As mothers we all say it, but I can’t believe how fast he’s grown up. It really feels like just yesterday that he was my itty bitty baby.

When all the morning classes at Cameron’s school were full and we had to take the afternoon class I was really nervous. Cameron still needs his nap desperately and I was terrified of what would happen if he was in school during his nap time.

School wasn’t the problem, it was after school that was the problem. There is nothing in this world quite like my tired, cranky Cameron. Let the kicking and screaming begin.

Long story short, here it is 11pm and I still have no idea what he did in school today. Is this how the next 18 years of my life are going to go? Mom asks about school and doesn’t get any answers.

I couldn’t be more proud of my little man though, despite his nerves and fear of the unknown, he eagerly jumped out of the car ran to his first day. Not one tear shed (by mommy either). No arguments about getting out of the car, just that amazing unbridled excitement that my Cameron is known for.

Way to go Cameron!

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