Savings Spree

9 Sep

I know it’s short notice, but there are some great deals from Tupperware that are about to end tomorrow at midnight.

Since it’s a little hard to read, see below. 
a) TupperLiving Flexible Cutting boards. $17.00 (save 30%)
      Pair each one with a specific food to avoid cross-contamination. Bendable for easy storage. Can also be used as outdoor place mats. 
b) TupperLiving Pairing Knives. $22.50 (save over 35%)
      Great prep tools for summer grilling. Includes matching safety sheaths. 
c) Condiment Dispensers. $10.00 (save over 40%)
d) Fresh N Cool 3-Pc. Set $11.00 (save 45%)
      Trim, modular storage containers help save space in the fridge. Includes 2 cup, 4 1/2 cup and 6 1/2 cup sizes.
e) Keepers Set. $10.00 (save over 45%)
      Handy vegetable storage. Includes Garlic Keeper and Chili Keeper.
f) Lunch Set for Her. $20.00 (save over 30%)
      Makes a great gift for the woman on the go. Includes stylish lunch bag, 16-oz tumbler with Flip-Top seal, CrystalWave 4 1/2 cup container, and Round Sandwich Keeper.
g) Servalier 13-Pc. Bowl Set. $59.00 (save over 50%)
      Great for storage and serving. Includes 3 cup, 4 cup, 8 cup, 11 cup, 17 cup, plus 4 10-oz and 4 20-oz Bowls all with quick-as-a-wink instant seals. 
Like I said before, these deals end tomorrow ( 9/10/2010) at midnight. If you’re interested in anything, please email me at
Sorry for the short notice. 
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