I Think I’m Still Cool

20 Feb

As I was walking across the parking lot at my local grocery store today I spotted a father in his SUV full of car seats and kiddos. What’s so special about that? Well nothing, that is until you hear the early Justin Timberlake coming through the speakers. It made me smile to know that I’m not alone.

I think I’m still cool. When my kids aren’t in the car with me I’m blasting the tunes, reliving my younger years. Last week, while enjoying the single day of 70 degree weather, I was jamming to some Vanilla Ice, and Nirvana. Yes, I know I have strange taste in music, but anyway. As I pulled up beside a teenager with my windows down, sunroof open and music blasting I chuckled to myself that this little girl probably wasn’t even alive when this song came out.

It would seem the music we listen to doesn’t change, just the car we drive in. Our sporty little rides and hand me down cars have been replaced by shiny SUV’s, mini vans, and in my case, wagons. As parents we have become the people we made fun of in our youth, “old” people with our kid’s car seats in the back of our cars and “classic” music playing from our stereos.

Ever since my first summer behind the wheel I have been unable to resist blasting my music with my windows down, and that hasn’t changed since I’ve become a mother. What has changed is when I can give in to my urge and do so. In the interest of not permanently damaging the sensitive ears of my little munchkins, I don’t get to cut loose too often.

So if you’re like me, and so many other parents out there who don’t want to grow up, just know you’re not alone. Don’t be ashamed of your need to jam in your kid carting, grocery getter.

Do you like to jam during those surely rare times when you don’t have any little ones with you? Tel me about it. MyLifeInMommyland@me.com

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