Cable Guy

30 Mar

Kids today are just WAY too smart. The fact that my two year old can navigate my iPhone and iPad with the greatest of ease is something I have a hard time wrapping my head around on a daily basis. Yesterday it was my four year old that made my jaw drop.

So we have a TV in the basement/man cave/playroom. I didn’t really want a TV down there, but where else are Bill and his “friends” going to watch the big game. Don’t ask what the big game is, I don’t know, it’s probably something boring like golf. But I digress. Yes there is a TV down there, but there is not a cable box, just the cable hooked right to the wall. I think we get a total of five channels down there, one of which is PBS.

In the mornings, after breakfast, Cameron would go down and watch cartoons. I checked them out one day, who knew PBS has such neat shows for kids in the mornings? Yesterday Cameron was misbehaving from the moment he stepped foot out of his room. Nothing new I know, he’s been giving me trouble for quite some time. It’s the mornings when he starts acting up before I get out of bed that really get me going. So yesterday I told him no TV in the basement for the day. Of course he threw a fit which I ¬†of course (tried) to ignore. While the boys were eating breakfast, I tip toed to the basement and disconnected the cable from the back of the TV.

After breakfast the boys went down to play, I thought nothing of it since it’s what they do every morning. A little while later I noticed that it was WAY too quiet for the boys to actually be playing down there. Had one of them finally smothered the other with a pillow? Had they simultaneously knocked themselves unconscious jumping on the couch? When I took a peak in the security camera I was shocked at what I saw. Cameron was laying on the floor in front of the TV with his feet up on the TV stand…WATCHING TV!!! That little stinker figured out why the TV was all snow when he turned it on and reconnected the damn cable. Not only did he put the cable back in place, he knew enough to screw it on.

I understand that with two parents as into technology as my kid’s parents that they were bound to be able to find their way around any Apple product that came their way, but knowing the “finer workings” of cable television. I think I was well into my teens before I figured out how to unscrew that damn coaxial. I knew a while back that my boys were going to keep me on my toes, what I didn’t know was that if I wanted to keep them from watching TV I would actually have to take the cable out of the wall.

Lesson of the day, NEVER underestimate your children!

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