I take what I can get!

1 Mar

Most days my kids make me feel like they could care less if I were to just disappear. They don’t want me to read to them. They don’t want me to sing to them. They don’t want me to talk to them. Cuddling? Forget it! Cuddling with Mom is a fate worse than death to my boys.

Every so often one of them will surprise me with an unexpected display of affection. An unexpected hug. An unsolicited kiss. A, “Thank you”, or “You’re the best!”. Each one a welcomed surprise.

Yesterday morning, Cameron came in to see if I was awake, say good morning and ask for breakfast. I knew we were off to a good start when he asked and not just demanded his breakfast. I asked him if he wanted to hop in bed and cuddle for a few minutes of Mommy Cameron time before Logan got up, of course he said, “No!”. I made a pouty face at him, then he turned around and walked back into his own room. A minute later he returned with one of his special friends and said, “Here, you can cuddle with him, he’s nice and soft and cuddly for you.”

It was kind of his little way of saying, “I’m not going to actually cuddle with you, but I do love you.” How can a mother not love a gesture like that from a usually at arm’s length kid?

When I went to bed last night, that special friend was sitting on my pillow waiting for me. While I’m sure Bill put him there, it still made me smile to think of the special moment I shared with Cameron earlier that day.

Here’s my new friend, he is VERY soft and cuddly!

Tell me about an unexpected tender moment with your little ones. MyLifeInMommyland@me.com

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