It doesn’t take much to get me excited!

21 Mar

Well, today was the big day, we bit the bullet and got me a new computer. It’ll be nice to be able to do the simple things in life, like change pictures on my facebook page and Twitter profile. Ooh, I can finally add some photos to my blog posts too…YAY! My poor old MacBook lived a good life but was really starting to slow down, so it was time it retired. I guess the boys will have another computer to play games on, at least that should keep them away from the new one…I hope.

I think I was starting to drive Bill a little nutty as I counted down the minutes until the data from the old computer was transferred. I felt like a kid on Christmas anxiously waiting to be able to play with my new little friend.  After five years on a laptop, this thing looks HUGE! Why did I go desktop after having a laptop for so long? I didn’t think I needed the portability anymore, I have an iPhone and an iPad (soon to have an iPad2 I hope). My laptop has just been sitting on my desk anyway, so why not upgrade a little bit?

Anyway, since I can now access my pictures, I took a few minutes to start are facebook fan page. Please stop by and “like” me. My fan page will be just another place for you to see Mommyland updates and links to new posts here. I promise that I will add more info to it and update it frequently.

In celebration of my new iMac, I’m going to do a giveaway this week. Before you get all excited, it’s nothing at all computer related. I’ve been saving an extra special review and giveaway for a time when having pictures in a blog post wasn’t going to be a problem. Stay tuned…Giveaway time later this week!

OK, now that I’ve gotten my excitement out, we will be back to normal posts tomorrow.

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