Nobody could have prepared me for THIS.

29 Mar

I grew up as one of two girls. My older sister and I are a whopping ten years apart, so it wasn’t until I was much older that any real fighting started. Being girls, we had girl fights. There was a lot of clawing with our manicured nails and some hair pulling, but swinging fists and wrestling was rare.

I REALLY had no idea what I had gotten myself into as a mother to boys. Oh, and not just boys, but boys who are two and a half years apart. Even the warnings from my sister who has her own boys about two-ish years apart could not properly prepare me for what was to come.

Boys are something completely foreign to me. Sure, I’ve dated them. Hell, I even married one. But to be mother to two of them is something TOTALLY different.

My days consist of the usual motherly duties of course, cooking, clean, dressing, diaper changes, the stuff any mother can handle with the greatest of ease. My days also consist of being a referee, prison warden and police. I break up countless fights a day. Fights over who gets which cup. Fights over toys. Fights over who gets to sit on Daddy’s lap. Fights about place mats and who sits where at the table. Fights just because they’re bored and want something to do. Just fighting all day long. These kids (try to) beat the crap out of each other, and the strange part is that it’s not always done with malice. It kind of reminds me of when we had two cats. They’d be laying together, enjoying an afternoon nap, then WHAM! they start beating the crap out of each other. Bizarre.

It really is a miracle that we haven’t spent more time in the ER with these two. Somehow the only injuries they have really sustained happened when they weren’t fighting. I really hope they keep it that way, if Logan ends up in the ER with another head injury I’m sure someone will be calling CPS on us.

Don’t let the photo fool you, I’m sure that immediately after it was take Logan probably elbowed Cameron in the face and started a shoving match which ended with someone on the floor.

Are you the mother (or father) of boys? Are my two the only ones just dripping with sibling rivalry? Someone please tell me I’m not alone!


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