Time Flies When You’re Having Fun

23 Mar

With less than a month until Cameron’s kindergarten registration appointment, I’ve been wondering where the time has gone. I’ve been reading a lot of other mothers wondering the same thing (on facebook), but unlike me they seem sad to be sending their little ones off. If there is one thing I am not, it’s sad.

I’m excited. Sure I’m excited for Cameron to start this new adventure in his life, I think he’s more than ready for all that kindergarten has to offer. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t more excited for me. Where we live, kindergarten is a full day affair. A full day of NOT having to break up fights between brothers. A  full day of NOT having to argue about every single thing I ask Cameron to do. A full day as a mother to one again. I’m sure I’ll probably bawl like a baby the first day of school but only because it feels like just yesterday I was getting up at 2am for feedings and now my baby isn’t a baby anymore. I know that Cameron is better off at school all day than here with me. Trained professionals have a lot more to offer him along the way of an education than I do. So for me, there is nothing but excitement when I think about the next school year, no sadness.

What I cannot seem to wrap my head around is just how we got here. How do I have a kids old enough to be starting kindergarten in the fall? Cameron was just born. He’s just a baby, how is he going to get on a bus? How is he going to eat lunch in a cafeteria full of other kids? Shouldn’t he be home with sitting in a high chair? OK, he hasn’t been in a high chair in years, but still. I remember so vividly picking out his crib, then trying to keep the cats from sleeping in it before he was born. A few SHORT years later I remember driving all over southeastern Pennsylvania to find the Cars bed he wanted. I remember his first night in that bed. Well, I don’t think he was actually in it, more like on the floor with his toys. I remember his first foods. HIs first words. His first steps. His first (and only) trip to the ER. In a few short months I’ll have another first to add to my memories…His first day of school. Real school, not this cushy preschool stuff.

Having a five year old makes me five years older than I was when he was born. Where the hell did those years go? So many days seemed to drag on and on, but man did the years fly by. How did that happen?

Are you sending a little one off to kindergarten next school year? How do you feel about that? Sad? Excited? Nervous?

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