Too cool for Mom!

31 Mar

Yesterday I told you about how I feel that kids today (at least my kids) are WAY too smart.

Not only is Cameron too smart to be just four years old, he’s too cool. It really makes me sad to see how fast these boys are growing up. Just yesterday (well, not literally yesterday), Cameron was my little buddy. He would hold my hand when we were out shopping. He loved to sing silly songs with me. We had our own song (James Taylor, You’ve Got A Friend) that we would sing to each other. I was the coolest person in Cameron’s universe.

Well, those days are gone…

We went out to the mall last night to get out and walk around. Of course Cameron had to walk since he’s WAY too cool to be sitting in the double stroller. He was walking next to me and when I asked him if he wanted to hold my hand he said, “No mom!”.

Let me give you a little background information. My parent’s were nice enough to give the boys their old cell phones to play with as toys. They’re not connected to a network, but they still make noise and work for every other purpose except making calls. Did you catch that? They MAKE NOISE, and lots of it! Thanks Mom and Dad. I just love it when people give my kids things and then I have to deal with the consequences of it.

Cameron had the afore mentioned cell phone at the mall last night. I really should have captured him on video because I’m afraid I can’t properly convey the hilarity without it. Picture my four year old walking through the mall, cell phone attached to his hip walking with a swagger like his poop don’t stink. As if that wasn’t bad enough, he kept picking up the phone to see if anyone called him. I was asking myself where he gets this stuff, but I need not look any further than his father.

Cameron has always been a pretend phone talker. He will pace back and forth and use the same hand gestures Bill does all while gabbing away. Talk about a mini me. Most four year old boys I know like to play with blocks and cars. My four year old likes to play with his electronic gadgets. I guess we have no one to blame but ourselves, we have after all created an Applecentric house of gadgets.

Cameron in is “office” with his “MacBook”, “iPad” and “iPhone”. Not only does he have all his gadgets and is getting down to business, he’s sitting EXACTLY like his father sits. Notice the feet crossed under the seat, leaning on his left arm with his right one back. I wish I had a picture of Bill sitting at his desk so I could show you just how scary this is.

I guess I’ll let my four year old keep his little gadgets, who knows, I might just have the next Steve Jobs on my hands. That I can live with!

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