Am I living in a time warp?

14 Apr

This week I’ve been feeling like I’ve been sent back in time. Back to a time where men made all the decisions and had all the answers. Back to when what a woman said didn’t really matter. I’ve personally never lived in such a time, but I’ve been made to feel like that’s exactly where I’m living now.

Example 1:

The UPS man comes to deliver my package from Bath & Body Works and informs me that he is also here to pick up a damaged package. I inform him that I don’t have a damaged package and that I haven’t even received a package via UPS since around Christmas time. He tells me, “Well, can you ask your husband?” Really? Ask my husband? Like anything comes into this house without my knowledge. I felt like saying, “Don’t let the sweatpants fool you, I run this damn house.” When I called UPS Customer Service to figure out what this mysterious damaged package was, they also told me to ask my husband. Now I get how a UPS driver would make the assumption that there must be a husband here on The Hill. For someone over the phone to assume I had a husband to ask or that that husband would know more about packages coming to the house than me is almost laughable.

Example 2:

We were having some work done here this morning (more on that sometime later). One of the workmen knocked on the door with a question, and when I answered it he asked if my husband was available. He wasn’t, so I asked what he needed. He was actually reluctant to tell me…give me a break. He proceeded to tell me that he had misquoted the price of something and it would actually be about $1 more per piece. When I told him that was fine, to just do it he looked at me like I didn’t have the authority to tell him that. He wasn’t sure if he should listen to me. I felt like telling him, “Dude, I do have decision making rights around here. If I say do it, then mosey your ass back down the stairs and get er done!”

In both of my examples it was always men telling me that I needed to get the answers from my husband, I wonder if another woman would have done the same? Are we back in college now? Bros before hoes? Caveman syndrome? I might even be offended if I didn’t think it was so funny. I guess I’m just a woman living in a man’s world. Maybe I should get off the computer, put an apron on and start baking. ;)

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