My Dyson Really Sucks!

4 Apr

I’ve been looking for a good vacuum for most of my adult life. Nothing I had found, and could afford did the job for long. Since moving to The Hill the need for a good vacuum has become even bigger. For the last eight months I’ve felt like I could never get my house clean enough, and that was while using two different vacuums. My hard floor vacuum wouldn’t get the crumbs along baseboards or even from in the grout. I’ve been spending so much time crawling around my kitchen floor, nearly being knocked unconscious when my vacuum would fall over on my head. My vacuum for carpet was constantly eating filters and would often leave my carpets still dirty. Oh, and the smell that it would sometimes leave behind…YUCK!

I’ve had enough. I want one vacuum that I can use on all my floor surfaces, wood, tile, vinyl, and carpet. I want something that is going to get the crumbs up from all the nooks and crannies. Cameron and Logan are serious creators of crumbs. Bill tracks in all kinds of nastiness on the bottom of his work boots, I had sand in my dining room last week. SAND!!! The cat sprays my laundry room with kitty litter every time she jumps out of her box, sometimes it’s like going to the beach in there. I’m tired of walking around the house and having various types of debris stuck to my feet. This mama needs some help.

I put something out there on facebook last week looking for suggestions to help my sanity. First, thank you to everyone who left a message to try and help. I’ve been hearing a lot of great things about Dyson vacuums lately and it got me thinking that maybe a Dyson is just what I need. But really, who can afford one? $500 is WAY more than I think sane to spend on a vacuum.

So I started trying to figure out a way to get one in my hot little hands. Do I contact Dyson and ask them to give me one for blogging purposes? It seemed unlikely that they would just give one to a blog as small as mine. I’m always getting those 20% off coupons from Bed Bath & Beyond, maybe I could go there. If I went to a store in Delaware I could save a few extra bucks with tax. 20% still doesn’t make it cheap enough for my husband to not be mad I spent that kind of money on a vacuum.

Enter Kohl’s. Now, I am not a big fan of what Kohl’s does with their sales. I make it a point of knowing the prices of things, so I know that on most of their home electronics they jack up the prices to put them “on sale” at their normal retail price. They had the model I wanted “on sale” for $499.99, but the reason I went there was the 30% off coupon my Mom was generous enough to let me use. The added bonus was that I had a couple dollar off coupons that I could stack on top of my 30% for an extra discount. I went to a store in Delaware to save a few extra bucks from there. All in all, I got my $500 vacuum for $340. Not too shabby.

I couldn’t wait to get home and break that thing out.

My Dyson did not disappoint. I’ve never seen anything like it, crumbs were being sucked in from far and wide. First they’d kind of shake and shimmy, then WHAM, they were sucked from a few inches away right into the vacuum. Dust bunnies were ripped from their hiding places under tables and chairs. I don’t think my house was this clean the day we moved in. I didn’t know if I should be happy or ashamed of the amount of dirt I got the first time I used it. Are we really that dirty? YUCK!

My old vacuum always left stuff behind to get stuck to the bottom of my feet. My Dyson gets it all. I am completely in love with a vacuum.

I know that $500 is a lot of money to spend on a vacuum, but really I have to say it’s TOTALLY worth it. I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase, “You get what you pay for.” I think it’s true. When I vacuumed my hard floors with a $50 vacuum I was disappointed and had to redo the job all the time. Now that I’m using a $500 vacuum the job gets done right the first time. Do what I did, hold out until you can get a coupon or two to use to make it more affordable. $340 isn’t a bad price for a vacuum. I paid almost that much for my Bissell and while it was good at first was seriously lacking in the end.

Disclaimer: I was NOT given my Dyson, I bought it on my own and these are solely my opinions. I am not being compensated  in any way for this blog post.

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