Welcome Spring!

18 Apr

Last weekend I was lucky enough to get together with a few other lovely ladies for the Welcome Spring Open House. I brought along my Tupperware goodies to be sold beside some other AMAZING home based businesses. It was so nice to get out of the house for a few hours to socialize with other adults, selling a few pieces of Tupperware was just an added bonus. We all had so much fun that it looks like we’ll be having another one soon…But more on that later.

The three other women that we’re there selling their goodies were so awesome, I just had to tell you all about them. Visit their sites, buy their things, you won’t be sorry.

My table was next to Mary’s, so I spent most of the day drooling over here creative offerings. Mary makes the most amazing little bags out of Duct Tape. Yes, you read that right, I said Duct Tape! As she was pulling her items out for display, the bags caught my eye and I had to actually go over for a closer look. I was SHOCKED to see such intricate designs and cute bags made out of Duct Tape. That wasn’t all that Mary had to offer though. I spent most of my time admiring Mary’s jewelry, it was simply beautiful. While all Mary’s jewelry was gorgeous, there were a few things that really caught my eye. The pictures are bad and don’t do the pieces justice at all…Sorry.

Mary is on Etsy; however, when I went to check out what she had for sale there wasn’t anything there. Stop by and check for new items or contact her for more info.

Also at the open house was Ginny from Side Stitch By Ginny. Talk about amazing! Ginny’s brightly colored aprons, hairbands, bags, and skirts reminded me of what would happen if Lily Pulitzer and Vera Bradley (two of my favorites) got together. All those bright colors made the cloudy day seem so much brighter. I’ve been wearing one of Ginny’s non slip hairbands all morning and I’m in love. Not only are they super cute, they are backed with velvet so they don’t slip out (a common problem for me). I actually fell asleep while wearing the hairband and it didn’t move an inch, now that’s what I call staying power.┬áThe other problem I always have is the headache hairbands can give me, kind of like they’re squeezing my brain. No headaches from these hairbands! I hope Ginny doesn’t mind that I swiped a photo off her blog…These are the afore mentioned hairbands.

Theresa had a few things to offer guests too. Her homemade cupcakes were simply divine. She even gave me a few to take home to the boys; Logan just gobbled his up in one bite, Cameron proclaimed (through a full mouth with a shower of crumbs), “These cupcakes are deeeeeeeelicious!” I tried to keep my distance from Theresa’s cupcakes all afternoon since their bite sized goodness would have forced me to eat them all. The few that I did nibble down, I would have to say that Cameron got it right…DEEEEEEELICIOUS! Thanks Theresa for adding to my ever expanding waistline. Yummy cupcakes weren’t all Theresa had for us to enjoy. Start A Better You offers just about anything you could ever want, there’s so much there that I don’t even know where to start. The main focus for the open house was sports nutrition. I’ll admit, I’m about as sedentary as a mother can be. My sports include kid wrangling, laundry lifting, and dragging naughty boys to time out, so sports nutrition wasn’t something I went looking for. Theresa did give me a sample of one of her products and I must say, it got me through that afternoon, mommy needs a nap feeling. I wish I could get you a direct link (the site won’t let me), but just do a keyword search for rhodiola 110…It won’t let you down! It wasn’t just sports nutrition though, there’s also a cleaning line and some neat beauty products. Miss America uses the beauty products, so they must be pretty good. Theresa was even nice enough to give me a pack of surface wipes to try out, review and giveaway to one lucky reader. Stay tuned for my Real Mom Review and giveaway later this week.

Last but not least was me. Of course I lugged my Tupperware out to share. Shameless plug time…There are some great items out for Mother’s Day (it is, after all, right around the corner). Not interested in giving Mom Tupperware? There are some great green living items to help you conserve and give back to Mother Earth. To see what Tupperware has in store, click on the Tupperware tab at the top of this page. Along with my Tupperware goodies, I also came representing a business that Bill and I started together that is near and dear to our hearts. Your Treasured Memory Productions started when we made memorial videos for family members we had lost. As the boys grew up, we started making videos for their birthdays and special events as a great way to be able to keep those special memories for them when they are older. Your Treasured Memory Productions takes your most treasured photos (and videos too) and turns them into memorable video keepsakes for you and your family to enjoy for years to come. We use all the latest and greatest in hardware and software to give our clients professionally made videos. I invite you to check out our website, and we’re also on facebook and Twitter too.

All in all, I had so much fun getting out with all the other ladies and checking out what they had to offer. We had so much fun that we’ve decided to do it again. In a couple months we’ll be throwing the Welcome Summer Open House (at my place). Yeah, I think the name could use some work too. Look for more information on our next home business open house here or on the My Life In Mommyland facebook page. A HUGE thank you to Theresa for hosting and giving us all an opportunity to sell.

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