Fitness Fun (Volume 3)

21 May

I’ve made it to day 14! I have to say I’m both proud and excited to have spent the past two weeks of my life exercising. Sure, I had my mornings I didn’t want to workout. Sure, there were times that I felt like my shoes were full of rocks. There were days when every muscle in my body ached and begged my to go back to bed, but I pushed through.

I have a problem though…I have absolutely no will power! My inability to control myself is shameful. I try, really I do, but the call of tasty treats is stronger than me.

Yesterday is a perfect example. Logan and I went to Target to pick up some diapers, that’s it, just diapers. As soon as we walked through the door I was assaulted by the delicious smell of popcorn. I couldn’t walk by the snack stand, my feet just wouldn’t let me, so I steered my cart in the direction of that salty goodness. Five minutes later I still hadn’t been helped so I walked away. Crisis averted, or so I thought. Logan and I cruised through the aisles checking out the new toys for Cars 2, and all was well, I didn’t even give the popcorn a second thought. Until…we came to the food section.

Damn it Target, why do you have to have a grocery section?!? That was the end for me, as soon as I saw those aisles full of yummy goodness my tummy started to growl and all I could think about is how hungry I was.

I had been so good at lunch time, I had a low calorie meal and measured out my snacks on a food scale to avoid overdoing it. I knew I was going out for a big steak dinner in a matter of hours, but that didn’t even matter once I saw that the double stuffed Oreo’s were on sale. Ooh, just writing about them now makes my mouth water.

So there I was driving to pick Cameron up from school stuffing my face with double stuffed.

I’m also an emotional eater, always have been, which is not helping my efforts at a healthy lifestyle and weight loss. Add my emotional eating to my inability to control my impulses to eat and my giant sweet tooth and I’m a recipe for disaster.

So here I sit; on one hand, I’m doing well with the exercising. I’m fitting it in to my everyday routine and coming up with new ways to be active each day. On the other hand I’m STILL finding it hard to control what I’m eating and make healthy choices. I’m trying to take it day by day and not beat myself up about it. I’m trying to look at the positive that I am exercising again and I’m not sitting on the couch for most of my waking hours anymore. One day at a time right?

Do you have problems with emotional eating? How do you overcome the urge to strap on a feedbag when you’re upset? All advice is welcome.

Stay tuned for more Fitness Fun. Next time: Ways to add activity to everyday life.

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