I keep it comfy & casual

14 Jul

Hello campers! Today’s questions made me kind of scratch my head a little. The first part is how do I typically dress to run errands? Harmless enough. It was the second part that had me doing a little head tilt. Do I think bloggers dress better or worse than “regular people? Um, aren’t bloggers “regular people”? Am I some kind of freak because I blog? Am I held to a different standard because of my status as a blogger?

I’ll get back to that later though. First lets talk about how I dress when I run my errands. Where I’m going when I leave the house has a lot to do with how I dress. I might dress a little nicer to go someplace like the King of Prussia Mall than I would ┬áif was going to Target. I also take the time of year into consideration, although I’m not sure why it matters but I’m more likely to dress nicer in the winter. Maybe it has something to do with my corpse like complexion, and the need to add some color to my face. Maybe it’s that I just like my winter wardrobe better.

I usually like to make sure I’ve at least showered before I leave the house, but that’s not always a possibility. If you’re a mother of young children I think you’ll understand why. I’m never a really dressy person, I prefer to be comfy and casual. I own exactly zero skirts that fit me and my selection of heels is very limited. I prefer shorts or capris with a tee and a comfy pair of flip flops. I walk a fine line between comfy and frumpy. Most days I will make the effort to dry my hair (if I actually get that shower), as long as it’s not too terribly hot. I hate standing under a hairdryer if it’s hot. This time of year, makeup is something that I can take or leave. Somedays I’ll wear it. Somedays I’ll skip it. Somedays I’ll forget to put it on.

I’d probably dress a little better if I:

A) Had more money to spend on clothes for me (the kids need more than I do since they’re ALWAYS growing out of stuff).

B) Had any time to shop for clothes by myself.

C) Had any sense of style. Since having kids I’ve lost all touch with what is in fashion. Not to mention I don’t feel like I need to be fashionable driving my kids here, there and everywhere. I’m not the worst dressed mother anywhere I go and I take solace in that.

As far as other bloggers go, I think bloggers dress like regular people because they are regular people. Ok, maybe if you’re one of those giant, super popular bloggers who is known to all online, maybe you’d dress a little better than the average mom. To be honest though, I read some of those blogs. I follow some of those bloggers. I’m not sure if I would recognize them in public.

How do you dress when you head out to run your errands? Are you the type that can’t leave the house without makeup? See how other campers dress when they’re out and about.

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