I’m buzzin’ buddy

12 Jul

For day 12 of bloggy summer camp I’m supposed to be sharing about the first time I remember getting drunk, but I think I’m going to go with the last time I got drunk instead.

It was just a few weeks ago that Bill and I had a little date night at home. We put the kids to bed and had a romantic dinner on the back deck complete with a few beverages. Bill made me the most amazing appletini with apple slices in it and everything. See exhibit A…

Back in college I learned to never eat the fruit in an alcoholic drink unless you wanted to get wasted…I ate the fruit.

Anyway, one of those yummy drinks turned into two and two turned into three. Before I knew it I was skipping around the back yard trying to catch lighting bugs. Not long after that I was hugging the toilet disappointed that my delicious dinner was only rented.

The feeling of death the next morning was enough for me to swear off the sauce. I said the words I’ve said a million and one times before, “I’m never drinking again!” This time I mean it! I’ve stuck to my words with one tiny exception and that was my sister’s vow renewal ceremony. I drank the little bit I said I would and stuck to water the rest of the night like I promised. I have no self control, so I’m not even going to put myself in the position to overdo it.

I’ve been known to drink and text, tweet, facebook, and even make phone calls. I’m sure while drinking I’ve over shared with people, who hasn’t. That brings me to part two of today’s post, do I stop myself from saying too much online or do I say too much? I would say that I error on the side of caution on my blog. I hold back from posting about certain things because of who I know reads this blog. I filter out the things that might hurt or piss off a family member. I might over share when it comes to me personally, but when it comes to what goes on around me, I tend to leave a lot of that out.

See what happened when other campers got tipsy.

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