Sometimes I do boneheaded things

2 Jul


Anyone who really knows me knows I’m about as cheap as they come when it comes to turning the air conditioning on in the summertime. My cheapness has only gotten worse since moving to The Hill. It takes a lot for me to break down and turn our two unit system on, and for good reason…It ain’t cheap.

Today I hit my breaking point and with more hot, humid weather on the horizon it was time to turn that AC on. I started closing windows one by one before I turned to downstairs unit on. Up I went to close down the second floor. Some of the windows here are a little tough get open and closed. The second window I came to was one of those tough ones. I grabbed from the bottom and tugged…hard. Of course I wasn’t paying enough attention to realize that my right hand was over one of those damn window candles. Crunch, my hand came down, and the torpedo shaped bulb rammed into the top of my hand. Thankfully enough the bulb didn’t break and I didn’t cut myself. I did something though, my entire hand is killing me and sending the pain up the rest of my arm. Of course it would be my right hand too ((sigh)).

Talk about a dumb ass move. Only I could injure myself by closing a damn window.

Now I have yet another reason to hate those stupid candles. I’ve hated those things since the day we moved in here. Sure they make the house look so pretty all lit up at night, but maintaining them has become a chore. There’s always one with a blown bulb, and the stupid bulbs are hard to find. As soon as I get them all working, another one blows out. If they’re not blowing out, they’re falling out of the window and shattering all over the floor. I’ve been outnumbered in my attempts to remove them from the windows, so there they stay. With any luck something will happen and the system will stop working and I can get rid of them. Oh yes, there is a system. There’s a special outlet under every front facing window that’s attached to a timer, it did come in handy at Christmas time though.

Thanks for listening to my little rant, I’m going to go ice my hand now.

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