The Mommyland Farm (Volume 9)

3 Jul

Never in a million years did I think that The Farm would be doing so well. The tomatoes have absolutely exploded! I swear the cucumbers are going to take over the entire garden soon. We’re STILL eating tons of peas each day too. Oh, and the eggplant? The eggplant seems to be getting bigger before my eyes, which is amazing considering it was dead not that long ago.

Last night I went out to check on everything and start counting, the plants are so thick that it was hard to tell exactly what we have growing in there. From what I could see, there are at least 40 tomatoes, and a bunch of cucumbers started. There are so many peas that I probably couldn’t count that high.

Here are some pictures I just took…

The peas are up front with the string. Those big bushy things behind the peas are our tomatoes. The big leaves close to the ground behind the tomatoes are the cucumbers.

Some of the peas…Still going strong!

Just a few of the MANY tomatoes we have to come.

Someday this will be a cucumber…YUM!

I’m so excited for everything to be ready to pick, I think Bill is too. While I was counting tomatoes last night, he was like Bubba (from Forrest Gump) talking about all the things we were going to make with our tomatoes. “Tomato sauce, tomato salad, tomatoes and mozzarella, pasta salad, stuffed tomatoes…” it was kind of cute.

Barring any unforeseen catastrophes, I call our garden a major success this year. I think we’ll definitely be expanding for next year.

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