Try something new? Sure, why not!

6 Jul

Hello and welcome to day 6 of camp! Today is all about trying new things.

I like to think of myself as someone who likes to try new and different things. I’ll try just about anything if it promises to make life as a stay at home mother even just a little easier. Be it product, service, book, article of clothing, I’d probably even try a pill if it would help make life easier.

The last new thing I gave a shot was actually a food item. I tried a peach for the very first time last week. I know, I know, 31 years old and never having a peach is downright appalling. I apologize to all my peach loving readers, it was not my intention to snub the peach, it just kind of happened.

How did I like it? I didn’t. Gasp! How could someone possibly not like a peach in all its sweet and juicy goodness? I don’t know, I wasn’t a fan of the texture and the taste was less like a piece of peach candy than I’d like. Maybe someday I’ll give it another chance, but for now I’ll move on and try something else that has escaped my pallet thus far.

As a blogger I’ve tried a lot of different things with the sole purpose of blogging about them. Really, I don’t know many bloggers who haven’t. I really enjoy trying new things and passing what I’ve learned about them on to my readers. I also think that sharing experiences with other mothers is part of what being a mother is all about. We are all connected through motherhood, so if we know of something that might help another mom out, why not share it?

That being said, I’ve been given the amazing opportunity to try a new product from a brand I absolutely love and give away an amazing prize to one lucky reader. Check back soon for more info…I can’t give away the big surprise yet, but I’m tellin’ ya, you’re not going to want to miss this one!

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