It’s a balancing act and I’ve got terrible balance.

18 Aug

I’m baaaaack!

I’ve fallen off the blogosphere for a while and it’s been driving me crazy. I really enjoy this blogging thing. I like sharing my stories with you and hearing your feedback. It’s definitely cheaper than therapy too!

In recent news I got a new part time job. It’s nothing glamourous, infact it might actually be the antitheses of glamour. I got a part time job doing Member’s Services at my local Y. I work a whopping nine and a half hours a week, making less than I’ve made per hour in over a decade. It’s all good though, I’m not complaining. I work just enough to save my sanity, which is a daunting task as a stay at home mom, and I make just enough to cover one of the car payments with a little extra to spare. Not a bad gig if you ask me.

What I’d like to know is…

How the hell do you working mom bloggers do it? How do you work a full time job and manage to put out your amazing content on a regular basis?

I can’t seem to pull it together. Trying to make sure that the house work is kept up with and the kids are fed and happy and getting a post up on the old bloggy poo here and there was hard enough. Now I’ve added an extra nine and a half hours to my week and all the little balls I was juggling seem to have rained down upon my aching head.

So bear with me as I try to figure out a new routine and then as I try to figure it out all over again in two and a half weeks when Cameron starts Kindergarten and then yet again in three and a half weeks when Logan starts preschool.

Ah, the life of a mother…


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