Left Behind

8 Sep


This week has mostly been about Cameron. Cameron going to Kindergarten. Cameron getting stuck on the bus for three hours. Cameron, Cameron, Cameron. Well, Cameron isn’t the only one who’s been having to make adjustments around here.

What about Logan?

For his entire life Logan has had Cameron around to follow and play with. If Cameron starts rolling around on the floor, so does Logan. If Cameron runs down the hill with his hands waving wildly in the air, so does Logan. He looks up to his big brother. He loves his big brother. Now…He misses his big brother.

We’re only on day three of Kindergarten, and I can tell Logan is in a little funk. He just wanders around aimlessly while his brother is away. He was playing the other day while I was getting some stuff done, then I realized it got quiet. When I went to investigate I found Logan sleeping in his bed. That’s a new one. He also went down to the basement and he was just laying on the couch with Snuggle Puppy. He looks so sad and pathetic.

He doesn’t want to play with me, but he doesn’t know what to do without Cameron to play fight with. That’s exactly what they do when they’re together…They fight. All day. Every day. I thought Logan would love not having Cameron around to push him around and take stuff away from him. I thought he’d enjoy his time as an only child. Nope, he just seems lost. Maybe once preschool gets into full swing he’ll do a little better, at least that’s what I’m hoping for.

As I watch Logan shuffle through his day I wonder if it’s possible for a two year old to be depressed?

Image 1

On Tuesday, while I was waiting for Cameron to get home, Bill realized that Logan was missing. When he went to look for him, he found him in Cameron’s room looking out the window, and when Bill asked what he was doing he said, “I’m looking for Yam Yam.”

We’re all adjusting to this new life with a Kindergartener in the house and I hope that as it becomes second nature here that Logan can feel a little better about having some time away from Cameron. It makes me sad that he’s so sad and apparently I’m not nearly as fun to be around as his big brother. Wish me luck as we continue to adjust.

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