Mommy fails? I’ve had a few.

18 Oct

My days are filled with mommy fail moments. You know what I’m talking about, those moments when you screw it up as a mother. The moments that leave you shaking your head, but you can also look at light heartedly.

Today gave me the perfect opportunity to talk about my failings as a mother.

After the fiasco that was getting Cameron down to the bus stop, we had some time to get a few things done (my make-up, teeth brushing, diaper change) before we had to go to get Logan to preschool. I look at the clock…PLENTY of time. I get done a few essentials and then it begins, I’m getting into my just one more thing mode.

Surely you’ve been there too. I can do one more thing before we have to get out the door. One turns into another, then another, then next thing you know you’re running late.

That was our morning here this morning. I can get the laundry switched out before we go. Ooh, I still have time, I can read this article really quick. I can get the dishes in the dishwasher before we have to go.


Now I’m getting frantic. I yell down to the basement for Logan to come up. Of course he got bored following me around on my “just one more thing” mission and retreated to the basement. He doesn’t come. The phone rings, I answer it instead of letting it go to voicemail. I hang up and scream down to the basement…Finally he decides to listen. Sniff sniff, what the hell is that smell? You have got to be kidding me…you pooped? Then I realize that I had forgotten to change his diaper when we were upstairs anyway. Why are there NEVER any diapers downstairs when I need them?

OK, diaper is changed, so I send the kid to get his shoes and jacket on. Now mommy has to tinkle. Ah, much better! Logan, why is your jacket on upside-down? I snap at him for not being more self-sufficient, fix his jacket and yell at him to get out the door. (yeah, I know, mother of the year)

By the time we get to the car I am dripping with sweat. Of course the garage won’t go down since my charming husband STILL hasn’t fixed the sensors. There I am, sweaty and frazzled dangling from my double door trying to get it down.

We are now eight minutes late leaving and there’s traffic that’s only going to make it worse.

I need to call the school and let them know we’ll be late so they’re not waiting outside for him, and of course the number is not in my phone. Siri to the rescue. She got me the number I needed all by listening to what I had to say and she understood what I was saying through my frazzled, stressed voice.

Logan was late to school again. Not only was he late, but I’m sure he was traumatized by yet another fire drill of a morning in our house.

Like I said, my life is full of mommy fail moments that I’m quite sure will have my kids in therapy as adults. I hope they’ll at least know I tried.

I know I’m not alone in the Mommy Fail department. How do I know? Because there’s a place where others have come together to share their stories of Mommy Failure. You should go check them out!


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