Five essentials to pack when taking the kids on a day trip.

6 Jun

Earlier this week I proclaimed this summer the Summer of Mommyland. Now I’ll tell you what I’m going to pack for these excursions.

There are some essentials that you’ll need whether your traveling near or far.

What to pack on for an adventure

Everyone’s Free To Wear Sunscreen!

That’s probably one of the most important things to pack in your bag when going on an adventure. Even if it’s not a sunny day those pesky UV rays are still causing their damage. Get that sunscreen on your munchkin’s sensitive skin…then put some on yourself.


I like to pack a refillable water bottle for each of us. Those boys like to backwash so I’m not sharing with them. We’ve kicked the disposable bottle habit and now only use reusable water bottles. We have well water that is awesome, so there’s no need to pay for water when I get it for free at home. Just refill the bottles at a water fountain and you’re good to go. Sure beats paying $3 for a bottle of water while you’re out.


Even if you’re not planning to be out long or you plan to stop for lunch, always have snacks. I shouldn’t need to tell you that, any mom worth her salt knows to have snacks near by at all times. I also recommend packing your own lunch, it’ll save you a small fortune in most cases and that way you can have more control over what the kids eat.

Change of clothes for the kiddos.

This is especially for Logan, he’s just been potty trained and accidents tend to happen. I pack fresh shorts and underwear along with a plastic bag to put soiled clothes in. If we’re going somewhere where there is a good chance they’ll get wet then it’s a full set of clothes for each of them and the plastic bag for the wet stuff.

Cleaning supplies.

Just because there are no more babies in my house doesn’t mean that baby wipes aren’t still a staple in our house. They’re great for quick clean ups with on an adventure and God forbid there’s an accident, they’re helpful to clean it up. I also keep antibacterial hand sanitizer on me at all times. If we’re out there may not be a place to use soap and water and we need to stay germ free.

I have an awesome backpack from The North Face that is both roomy and comfortable to carry. Even stuffed full with all you see above, plus the crap I carry for myself, I could carry it all day without complaint. I love that it has so many pockets and compartments in it and it has places I can clip things on the straps.

I’ll be taking the boys on many adventures this summer and these will be staples in my backpack. Did I miss anything? What do you carry along when you talk the kids out for a day of adventure?

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