Stroud Preserve: The Sob Story

24 Jun

Last week I wrote a little article for Chester County Moms about a trip that the boys and I took to Stroud Preserve in West Chester. We had a great time, really we did but there were a few moments that had me questioning my sanity. Go read about why we loved Stroud Preserve, print the nature hike directions and check it out.

Now I will tell you the other part of our adventure…The Outtakes.

My Life In Mommyland

A tired Logan refused to smile

We’re following the directions and chatting away as we walked. The boys were asking me questions about nature and I was quizzing them on the world around them. We were laughing and having a great time. Then something occurred to me…

Where’s my iPhone?

Of course it’s on the center console of my car. The boys were so excited about the hike that it was like herding cats trying to get them out of the car. We’re too far in to turn back now, so let’s just hope no one breaks my window to take it. We’ll just go with it and enjoy the time together being completely unplugged…or able to call for help should we need it while out in the wilderness.

Letting a six year old lead the way, not a smart idea.

My Life In Mommyland

Running away from the cries of his brother

Cameron was stoked to hold the directions and read what we had to do next so I went with it. We got to a point where I wasn’t quite sure what the directions were trying to say and I took Cameron’s advice as to which way we should go.

Um, this is someone’s house, I don’t think we should be going this way.

At one point a kind maintence worker offered to help. When it comes to directions, I’m worse than a man. Of course I said, “No thanks, we’re fine.”

Finally we got back on track, for a very small period of time.

By the time we finally got the the part of the trail we were supposed to be on Logan was sobbing and screaming that he wanted to go home.

We’ve come this far kid, we’re not turning around now. After a little snack and peeing on a tree he got a little burst of energy that was enough to get us through to the end. Thank God!

Is this really where we’re supposed to be going?

My Life In Mommyland

Don’t let this photo fool you…he had fun

At one point we were on a part of the trail that was so narrow that we could barely fit in a single line. I had to hold back the vegetation so the boys could continue on. I was waiting for a mountain lion to come swooping across the trail and take one of the kids away. Hey, it could’ve happened.

No, that’s not mud, it’s horse poop!

That narrow trail was covered in it. Ok, not really covered but more than I was hoping to come across. That had me wondering, what exactly would we do if we came face to face with a horse since they do allow riding in the preserve. The trail is narrow with nowhere to go and it’s not really someplace I’d like to come nose to nose with a horse. I’m not afriad of horses, I just don’t want to spook one and get caught in the ensuing stampede. I didn’t want to have to explain why the boys had hoof prints up their backs when we got home. Thankfully, the only horses we saw were waaaay off in the distance.

All in all we had a great time at Stroud Preserve. We had so much fun that we’ve even been back in the week since our first visit. Our next visit had a lot less crying and getting lost involved so that was a plus.

Have you been to the Stroud Preserve yet? What are you waiting for?

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