The Mommyland Farm (Volume 13)

5 Jun

It’s almost ironic that today’s Mommyland Farm update is number 13. Thirteen is traditionally an unlucky number and The Mommyland Farm has been pretty unlucky as of late.

Last week I told you about the death and escape of our ladybug pest control. This week it’s the invasion of the vermin and the decimation of some of our crops that had me destressed.

Last year it was the deer that literally pushed their way into the garden and ate anything the could get their lips around. That was the whole reason we beefed up security and put the serious fence around the garden. Last year we didn’t have any issues with the little creatures like the squirrels, groundhogs and rabbits which was surprising since it was pretty easy for them to get in.

This year it seems to be the complete opposite. I haven’t seen a deer in weeks and the squirrels, groundhogs and rabbits are making an all day buffet out of my vegetables.

The Mommyland Farm

What is left of the cucumber plants.

We planted marigolds around the perimeter, which is supposed to keep the rabbits and groundhogs away. HA! Those suckers are EATING THE DAMN MARIGOLDS!

We had planted gorgeous clematis at the entrance to climb up the arbor. The damn groundhog ate through the bottom and killed them.

The Mommyland Farm

My dearly departed clematis.

Even with the deer grade mesh fencing on the inside of the split rail fence and the boards at the bottom, we’re not slowing the animals down getting in. They have chewed holes though the mesh for an easy entrance. Note to self, next year we will have a metal mesh instead.

The Mommyland Farm

One of a few holes that have been chewed through the fence.

I just want to cry. We’ve spent so much time and money on The Mommyland Farm and it is under attack by these opportunistic bastards.

I know there are some gardening divas out there, what can I do to keep these creatures out of our garden? We have used that deer repellent spray on our roses, do they make something like that for the little rodents?

Help save The Mommyland Farm.

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