We made it!

13 Jun

It’s hard to believe that the school year is over, it feels like just yesterday that I watched Cameron get on the bus for the very first time. It feels like just yesterday that I sat looking at the clock wondering what he was doing, wondering if he was OK.

The first day 

Sitting here thinking about that first day of school it feels like just yesterday yet so much has changed. In the past nine months I have seen Cameron truly blossom. In that time, he continued to amaze me at every turn.

He was placed in the Accelerated Reading Program early on. When I was a kid I had major problems with reading and was always behind a grade level, so when I was told the Cameron was reading ahead of the curve I was overjoyed. Reading wasn’t his only strong subject either. My son is a math wiz. MY KID! Talk about being a proud mama.

Through the year we had some issues with his behavior but his teacher told me she thought he wasn’t being challenged enough and was bored. We worked together to get his behavior in line and he has thrived.

Sure we had some struggles along the way, most of them bus related. There was the three hour bus ride home on the first day. Followed by the changing of his bus (without my knowledge). Then we had the bullying incident that lasted for months and had me threatening to press assault charges on a six year old if it wasn’t handled. That link was only the beginning of the story. By January I was on a first name basis with the second in command of the district and had had many conversations with the principal.

So here we are now. We’ve made it through this journey called Kindergarten and I now have a first grader on my hands.

I’m sitting here thinking about the school year and all that Cameron has accomplished in a relatively short period of time, it has me in complete awe. That’s my chubby little baby, he can’t possibly be finishing his first year of school.

He will never know how proud he has made me.

As we enter into the Summer Of Mommyland, one of my main goals is to make sure he keeps learning and is ready to hit the ground running for first grade.

My Life In Mommyland

The last day.

No he wasn’t sad it was his last day, he didn’t want his picture taken. You’d think these kids would be used to having their pictures taken for mommy’s blog.

How will you keep your child’s mind active over the summer?

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