Making a come back to the library.

17 Jul

My Life In Mommyland

It’s been a long time.

I haven’t been to a library since I was in college. I don’t think I’ve checked out a library book since high school.

When Cameron was younger I bought all of his books. I have a rather extensive collection of children’s books so if you’re looking for something let me know.

Now that Cameron is older and reading independently it’s getting expensive to buy him books. Once he reads something a few times he doesn’t want to read it anymore so the library just makes sense.

Once school was out and Cameron wasn’t checking books out from the library at school it was time to bite the bullet and get a library card. One Monday morning a few weeks ago I braved the library alone with the boys.

I was terrified because my boys are NEVER quiet and I had visions of a mean old library lady kicking us out because my kids were too rowdy. They actually did really well and loved it. They both went excitedly from shelf to shelf looking at books and picking out the ones they wanted to bring home.

Summer reading.

I signed both the boys up for the summer reading program which has made them both very interested in reading. For every day they either read independently or are read to for at least twenty minutes they get to cross off the day. At the end of the summer we take our little calendars in and they get to pick prizes depending on how many days they crossed off. The idea of prizes was enough motivation for them.

Just about every night the boys and I (or Bill) will sit down and read together. Cameron will read a book to me and Logan and then I read to them. It’s a nice way to settle down at night and spend some quality time together.

Our library also has a lot of other programs and activities that sound like a lot of fun. We haven’t made it to any yet but now that I know they’re there it’s something to keep in mind.

Do you frequent your local library?


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