The Mommyland Farm (Volume 18)

12 Jul

Let the harvest begin.

My Life In Mommyland

That’s right, we’ve gotten the first big haul from the garden. Sure, we’ve have a cherry tomato here and there, all of which Logan promptly ate. This week was the first time we’ve been able to pull a lot in.

This week we’ve been enjoying our peppers, tomatoes and even a couple of eggplant. Bill made a pasta salad over the weekend with the peppers and tomatoes that was nothing short over amazing.

The peppers are so full of flavor that they put the ones at the grocery store to shame. I guess there really is something to pulling them off the plant, bringing them inside, chopping them up and eating them.

Our peppers are smaller than the ones the grocery store has to offer but we have a lot of them.

When we planted the garden we thought we had red, yellow and green peppers but everything is green and nothing is changing color. I was looking forward to all those beautiful colors but I’m not going to complain because they taste great and that’s all I really care about.

The beefsteak tomatoes have finally started to redden up and we had the pleasure of enjoying a few. Again, they aren’t as pretty as the ones you see at the store but they taste great so I don’t care what they look like.

Gardening has reenforced the valuable lesson that you shouldn’t judge something by it’s appearance. They’re not all very pretty to look at but they taste great!

How is your garden coming along? Have you started enjoying the fruit (and veggies) of your labor?

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