A Week In Mommyland (Week 4)

28 Jan

Can someone tell me how we are four weeks into the new year already? Oh boy, if the rest of the year goes this fast we’ll be in 2014 before we know it.

For your viewing enjoyment, here is another week in Mommyland.



I must be keeping my house a little too cold for the cat, whenever I’m sitting on the couch she cuddles up right next to me. I almost feel bad moving when she looks like this.



A cold spell moved in and I was dumb enough to NOT take the car down to the bus stop in the morning. At least my PSU Football hat kept my head nice and toasty.



While I was at work Cameron was kind enough to knock my entire dresser down on top of himself. Thankfully he was not hurt. Unfortunately the same cannot be said for my jewelry tree. The kid got lucky on two counts, first he was not hurt, second I was able to replace the tree with an identical one.



Its running day and I can’t find two socks that match. At least they’re the same brand though, right? Hey, it’s not like anyone saw them and I hear this is the trend with the young folks.



A little snow moved through on Friday. Luckily it came at the end of the school day though. It wasn’t much, only an inch or two but the boys had a blast playing in it after dinner…in the dark.



We took the boys out for dinner and instead of bringing the iPads we brought a notebook for each of them. Cameron drew these awesome birds. The top one is a Bluejay. The bottom left is a Cardinal and the bottom right is a Barn Swallow. The kid has some artistic talent and I can tell you most assuredly that it does NOT come from me.



Bill went away on business and this is me after one day alone with the boys. They were extra naughty to punish me for their father going out of town. It looks like the mug shot of someone just coming down off a bender doesn’t it? I must really love you all to post a photo so awful.

I hope you had a fantastic week and that this week is shaping up to be wonderful as well.

Any photo worthy moments?

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