A Week in Mommyland (Volume 7)

18 Feb

This week has brought us more than halfway through February. Usually February feels like the longest month of the year and this year it’s flying right by.

It was a busy week this week; eighth anniversary, Valentine’s Day, a birthday party, a little redesign in the house. We didn’t have a whole lot of down time this week.



Is there anything in the world worse than a rainy Monday? I don’t think so either!

I drove Cameron down to the bus since the only thing worse than a rainy Monday is a rainy Monday is February. Of course the downpour hit at the exact moment the bus pulled up to the driveway.



Happy Anniversary to me, this will be the last day I have to look at this ugly desk in this non-functioning office.

After a fun dinner out where we talked more than we have in months, Bill and I headed over to Ikea to buy all new furniture for the office. Now we can actually use the office for it’s intended purpose and not just a dumping ground for all the shit that accumulates around here.

Thank you Mom for babysitting the boys so Bill and I could have an enjoyable (and productive) evening out.



Who is the bonehead that didn’t realize her car was overdue for inspection? This girl! Oh well, two week late is better than two months, right? Nothing like spending the better part of the morning at the shop waiting for those expensive stickers for my windshield.

At least I was able to get some writing finished even though there was no wifi. Who doesn’t have wifi?



OK, I’m about to spill the beans…My mom got a new iPhone. Someone had to make sure it got activated and set up properly and I was the someone for the job. Of course it was in an effort to reduce the number of calls to Tech Support (AKA Bill) later.

I was at Mom’s house so long that I ended up in rush hour traffic going home and had to stare into the sun. AWESOME!



The new office is really starting to come together now. Having a separate spot from Bill is going to be AWESOME! I love him, but sharing a desk with him can get a little hairy.

I love that my PSU degree is hanging there too. I haven’t used it much in the eleven years since I earned it but I think it’s helping me accomplish a few things now. The one thing that can never be taken away…Your education!



I’m always saying that my kids act as though they have been raised by wolves. Do you really need anymore proof than this?

A giant red velvet cupcake, of course you wouldn’t use your hands to eat it. The utensils next to him are just for show.



Bill has gone out of town AGAIN leaving me and the kids to fend for ourselves. The boys are extra bad when he goes away and that is why I needed a glass of wine before his plane ever reached the ground in Austin.

Seriously though, I should have a glass of wine when I sit down to work more often, I was ON FIRE!

It was yet another crazy week here in Mommyland, how was your week? What photo worthy moments did you have?

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