A Week in Mommyland (Week 6)

11 Feb

Talk about a whirlwind week! I flew across the country and was in four different states. There was nothing relaxing about my week but it was productive and a lot of fun.



I actually planned ahead and had my suitcase packed the night before I headed out to San Diego. Somehow I stuffed everything I needed for five days in this little 21 inch suitcase. It was stuffed, but it all fit!



After two of the most relaxing flights I have every had I made it to San Diego. Of course I think my First Class seats had something to do with the flights being relaxing.

This photo was the last relaxing moment for the week.



I love these shoes. I’ve only worn them twice, including when this photo was taken but they make me feel confident. I’ll be honest, they are murder on my feet, especially after being in heels all day, but they look good. I used to be a fashion before practicality kind of girl but those days are long gone.



How can you not start your day right when you wake up to this view?



We went for a tour of the USS Midway and I was amazed at the sheer size of everything. I got a chuckle out of this server thing. What you are looking at is 1 GB of storage. My iPhone has 16 times the capacity of this and is a fraction of the size. When you realize that the Midway was decommissioned just twenty years ago you see just how far technology has come.



I’m not afraid to fly, not in the slightest. In my younger years I did a great deal of traveling and never once was scared or nervous to get on a plane. That being said, I prefer my aircraft to be large. I refuse to get on a plane that doesn’t have jet engines, no propellers for me thanks.

Bill was kind enough to get us on a quick flight from DC to Philly and THAT is the plane I had to get on. First off, I’ve been on buses that were bigger than that thing. Secondly, I had to walk across the tarmac to get to it since it’s too small for the jetway. I was NOT a happy camper.



Pasta Sunday was extra special this week because we were able to celebrate my grandmother’s 93rd birthday. I consider myself very lucky to still have a grandmother around to share my life with and there aren’t too many kids who can say that they know their great grandmother.

It was a busy week but a good one. I have to say I am very much looking forward to taking it a little slower this week.

How was your week? Did you have any photo worthy moments?

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