Adventures in Health (Volume 11)

6 Feb


I can’t let going away derail my progress. I’m a firm believer that something is better than nothing and even if I can’t get my full hour of yoga in I’m going to do something. Even if I can’t run 6 or 7 miles I can still run 2 or 3.


You don’t have to drag your regular yoga mat along with you. Grab yourself a travel yoga mat that can easily be folded and stuffed in your suitcase.


I decided to save the twenty bucks and go without a mat all together. If the floor is especially gross you can use a towel. If you’re not grossed out by your accommodations just work through some poses.

Nothing starts a day better than a few good sun salutations.


Talk about a great view for those Sun Salutations.


I have to say I was more than excited about running along the San Diego waterfront.


I did a three and a half mile run at dawn and my turn around point was the USS Midway. Sure it was only half the distance I had been doing but it’s still better than nothing.

Even if you’re going someplace where you can’t run outside, many hotels have a fitness center. It’s worth it to get up a few minutes early to start your day with a little run.

Going to someplace like Disney World or a convention? Just because there’s a lot of walking throughout the day doesn’t mean you’re getting the exercise you need.

The return.

If you continue to do a little something while you’re away it’s going to make getting back into your regular workout routine that much easier when you get home.

Remember, something is better than nothing.

Do you try to make it a priority to exercise when you go out of town? How do you do it?

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